As the core service of Epigenetic Coaching, the Genomics Review serves as a tool no other fitness program can provide. Each body is uniquely programmed to respond favorably or unfavorably to particular foods and nutrients, excercise, and sleep habits, and the responsivity levels of two different bodies can vary greatly. You might require a protein-rich diet while your friend might require more vegetables and carbohydrates. Likewise, if you both look to make significant muscle gains, your bodies may not respond equally to the same workout plan. This is why we offer genomic panel readings centered on five key fitness categories:

  1. Nutrition - Which foods and what ratio of these foods in your diet best serve your goals?
  2. Supplement - Which vitamins and minerals are you lacking and how should you supplement these deficiencies?
  3. Athletic PerformanceWhat types of fitness training will most efficiently get you the results you want?
  4. Detoxification - Which methods of cleansing your body will be most effective for you?
  5. SleepHow much sleep should you be getting and how do your pre-sleep habits affect his?

Here's how this service works:

  • First, you'll be granted a free 30-minute consultation, allowing your coach to find out more about you, as well as your goals and aspirations.
  • Next, you'll be provided with a programs and pricing list to help you choose the services you'll receive.
  • After deciding which of the five genomic panel readings you'd like, your coach will set up your account with, a global DNA Processing Lab and Personal Genome Service.
  • Your personal DNA test kit will arrive within a week, and once you complete it and return it via mail, you'll receive your results online within 6-8 weeks, sometimes less.
  • Then, your coach will analyze the raw data from your test results to perform a genomic reading of the panels you've selected.
  • Depending upon the number of panels you've chosen to be read, one or more consultations will then be held in order to discuss the results with you and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.