William Styles is the owner and operator of Epigenetics Coaching. His love for fitness began early, a journey that has led him through a variety of fitness and health regimens in search of a program that could be perfectly customized to its user. This journey was not without its pitfalls. At one point, William topped out at 245 pounds. Though he stuck to a weightlifting routine, he could barely run a mile. Then, in 2011, he began CrossFit and dropped 40 pounds while maintaining muscle mass. Yet, even after this transformation and becoming a CrossFit trainer himself, William knew he didn't feel as good as he should have felt. He eventually became interested in biohacking on a personal level, and upon meeting Dr. Dan Stickler in 2014, it changed his life. Dr. Stickler, an expert in genetic and epigenetic clinical approaches and co-founder of The Apeiron Center, performed a genomic reading on William and discussed his lifestyle with him. This is when William realized the potential for running a coaching program where fitness and health plans could be customized to a person's exact body responsiveness. After becoming a certified epigenetic coach at The Apeiron Center's Asheville location, William set out to put his expertise to use and founded Epigenetic Coaching, one of Western North Carolina's first genomic-based fitness and health programming services.