No more back pain. No more late-day crashing.

"First thing I did was start taking more Vitamin D.  My body generally feels better.  My back issue is so minimal.  Then I cut back and eventually cut out caffeine.  Easy enough, and I just drink decaf which is wonderful.  I feel so much better in the morning and not dragging later in the day!  Just started the Protandim this week.  As for the Beetelite, awesome!  I feel like I'm cheating.  It truly does improve my stamina.  I always thought I felt pretty good, but it's even better now.  Pointing out some areas that needed attention in the genetic profile is so helpful.  I just love the science of how the body works.  Thank you Will for bringing this opportunity to the gym!"

A one-size-fits-all dietary regimen probably doesn't fit as well as it should.

"I would encourage everyone who is able to complete the test and then have a meeting with Will to discuss the results! I have been into fitness and nutrition for years and have always been one to "try" different diets/ or eating regimens in order to get the best results possible. However, no matter what I tried or attempted, it still wasn't enough, and I still wasn't feeling optimal. Still lagged in energy around 3pm every day and constantly felt bloated during the day and heavy during workouts. But with all the journals and forums I followed, I thought having a "pre workout snack" was required to give me that extra push! Little did I know, that the "good carbohydrate" I was consuming, was actually not benefiting me. With the saliva and genetic testing, we learned that I am extremely INSULIN RESISTANT, meaning CARBS and my body DO NOT MESH! My body needs very little carbs other than the carbs from veggies. I also do not process saturated fats very well. So eliminating red meat, pork and dairy, and CARBS in just a week and half, I feel so much better already. Not that I am "thinner" by any means but being bloated is a thing of the past! And I am down 5 pounds as well! Looking forward to seeing the real results of FUELING MY BODY with EXACTLY what it needs in the coming months! Thanks so much, Will!"